Explore 'I am WoW'

“I am WoW” workshop comes in the form of 20 worksheets which can be easily incorporated in the regular English syllabus of any school. These informational yet fun worksheets help children enjoy English more as well as develop certain important attitudes like self-love, introspection, empathy and gratitude.
If a single English period per week is dedicated to WoW, within a few weeks teachers notice an attitude shift in children - towards English as well as themselves, their parents and their friends.

There are two sets of booklets that the school will receive: One for the teachers and one for the students. The teachers’ booklet has special notes and information entailing how the session is to be conducted. It also includes a feedback form for each session so that the school and parents can monitor the child’s progress.

Teachers can email us with their queries/concerns and within five working days their doubts will be cleared either via email or through a phone call. We work round the clock to ensure that everyone is wow'ed through this English workshop.
Help students fall in love with English, enable them to re-think their attitudes and empower them to become mature, compassionate, responsible citizens of the world. In short, make their lives, a little more WoW.

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