Why 'I am WoW'

WoW English worksheets are much more effective because they deal with kid’s lives. The worksheets are fun and activity based for younger kids, AND interesting, inspiring and thought provoking for the older kids. WoW uses motivating stories, novel techniques, songs, poems, fun speaking and listening games and much more to enhance the learning experience. The program can be used across all boards as it has a universal tone and relates to kids of all backgrounds..

Textbooks don’t have suggestions, tips and activities for the teachers... WoW does!
Textbooks don’t relate to a child’s life like his relationship with his friends, issues relating to looks, competition, dealing with teasing… WoW does!
Textbooks don’t talk directly to students as a friend, as a guide… WoW does..!

What makes “I am WoW” so special?
All six key aspects of English, namely, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking find expression through the WoW program
From becoming better speakers to enhancing listening skills, WoW has activity based worksheets for all standards. Certain problem areas in grammar like tenses are taught in a very exciting and innovative manner. Structured essay writing, descriptive essays, poetry writing, newspaper style writing and much more is included in the WoW module for older kids. Phonetics games, poems on manners, activities that will make children comfortable with their bodies, songs that will make children love themselves so much more are all included in the WoW module for younger kids.

With WoW by their side, teachers can go above and beyond to help kids with English and in turn, create wonders!
I am WoW Worksheets are a perfect blend of language and life skills. On the one hand they enable your child to enjoy English much more and on the other they make him sensitive to important life skills like empathy, gratitude, confidence and much more. It’s one of the best experiences you can gift your students – one session a week!

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