Corporate Training

“Spirituality at the workplace” is the exciting one day corporate workshop that WoW conducts for your organization.

The objective of this five part workshop is to train your team in five key aspects of the personality:
1) Body – while we all know about ideas that will make us healthier, how many of us actually implement them? Here is a unique session that helps one bridge the gap between the desire for good health and taking actions towards achieving good health. Only a healthy employee can give peak performance at work.
2) Mind – the mind of a man is the man himself. In this fun session we enable the employees to understand the importance of an open and flexible mind through interesting games. We also enable the employee to see himself as a student of life who is always eager to learn, or unlearn, as may be the case. With enough right minded people working in your organization, much can be achieved.
3) Emotions – to empower the employees to be in a positive state of mind. Also to ensure that through some processes, employees understand the value of being self-motivated.
4) Intellect – to create awareness about the difference between intelligence and instinct in the employees and to ensure they choose what is right, over what is easy to facilitate the growth of your company.
5) Spirit – when the employees have deep spiritual roots, issues like corruption, disloyalty, misuse of information and resources can be brought down in a significant way.

This workshop is experiential and is conducted by people who have many years of experience in each of these fields. We aim to leave the participants with some great experiences, insights and a lot of food for thought for the future.
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Healthy, happy, peaceful, progressive employees lead to a healthy, happy, peaceful and progressive organization.

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