Teachers Training

In today’s fast paced world to teach children well, the teachers too need to be extremely efficient and innovative so that they can make learning in the classrooms fun and practical.

WOW is here to bring out that creativity and competence in your teachers so that with minimum efforts, maximum results can be achieved.

We conduct a ONE DAY workshop for teachers and principals on three important teaching and life skills, which are extremely essential for educator. The exciting aspects of this workshop involve:
1) Empathy (teachers understand their relationship to management, parents and children better).
2) Perception (enabling teachers to understand their students better).
3) Team building (when teachers understand that the child is the collective responsibility of the school, parents and them – the way they see their role changes).
4) The language skills will consist of, first, structured writing (this helps teachers to make the students think, speak and write in a structured manner – very important for overall academic performance).
5) Role plays (we also speak of the importance of role plays and show teachers the efficacy of the same).
6) Finally, and most importantly, we teach teachers about the VAK (Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic) modes of teaching so they are not limited to chalk and board and can make learning much more fun, easy and interactive for students.
We have conducted these workshops in many cities in India and the response was wonderful. At the end of the day the teachers had lots of gratitude for WOW for re-igniting their passion and pleasure for teaching children. Our efforts have been lauded by the media too. Please watch this movie to know more: Click Here
This workshop not only changes your teaching style, but also fine tunes certain attitudes which will go a long way in ensuring wonderful results!

So why wait… email us to know how we can conduct this program in your city, or your school/college.

Email us at to know more.
"I found the WoW Teachers Training Program extremely fun, exciting and meaningful." - Meenakshi Madhusudan, Principal, SVAIRS, Chennai.

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