"We believe transformation can never happen in time constraint... your space, your time, your insights... come and grow with WoW.

Online Workshops - FAQ's

How do WoW online workshops work?
First, you fill the registration form so that we can know you better. After that, we will send you a session online. You can take your own time, complete it and send it back to us. We will give you in-depth feedback and send you the next session.

Is there a time limit for the WoW workshops?
At WoW we believe that growth, expression, transformation - all these things can not happen within time constraints and deadlines. WoW hopes to give you a break from your usual life - so no, you can take as much time as you want with each session. Having said that, we must add that to keep your momentum on, fifteen days for each session is ideal… however, three days or thirty, ultimately you decide.

Are the WoW workshops personalized? Can they change according to my needs?
Oh yes! Except for the first session, which is same for all in every workshop, the rest of the workshop will mould itself to suit your needs. WoW knows that one size does NOT fit all. So, our endeavour is to provide you with PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED solutions. We will first get to know you through the fun, in-depth registration form and first session and then give you JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

Once I have sent the completed session, in how many days can I expect the feedback and the next session?
Since we are providing you with a personalized session and also detailed feedback, we would need a week to get back to you. Most times it is much earlier - however, latest by a week you would receive our response along with the next session.

Still have queries?
Email us at to know more!

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