"I have seen some positive changes in my son ever since Megha has been mentoring him through Ten Attitudes online workshop." Karishma Sharma, designer, Hyderabad.

Online Workshops - TEN Attitudes

This workshop is specially designed for your youngsters (11-17 year olds!). This is the age when they want to be heard much more than spoken to… they want to be understood, more than advised… they want to be recognized, more than guided. WoW can step in – as friends for your young ones.

Through ten extremely fun, creative and practical sessions we aim to imbibe ten key attitudes within your youngster. Be it gratitude, or empathy… Be it passion for excellence or value of hard work… WoW will play an important part in helping these youngsters.

WoW has been able to make youngsters in this workshop feel like there is someone who cares… once they believe this, they become extremely open to learning from us, with us.

Rather than preaching – the aim of the workshop is to make youngsters arrive at their own answers through various experiences and insights. A deeply experiential workshop, Ten Attitudes can make a difference in unimaginable ways!

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