"My youngster is doing the WoW course and I find her becoming much more expressive and fluent in writing. With each session I have seen growth in her!" Keerti, Housewife, Mumbai.

Young Adults

Its never too early to start becoming a better writer! Since English has become the language of the world, wouldn't you want your youngster to be comfortable with it?

Have you ever felt that your child has a keen inclination towards writing but the school is unable to provide him the perfect platform?

Help your young adult fall in love with the English language. Empower him to express himself through writing. Allow her to enjoy reading and writing stories. Allow her to have the joy of getting her work published.Open his mind…

This workshop is for all those students (from 9-17!) who either LOVE English and want to publish their work in kids magazines or those who HATE English and want to start having fun with it so they can improve their grades! Come, enjoy.

The first session starts with a writing quotient test which helps us understand your grammar skills, vocabulary, editing and writing creativity. We then move on to improving your WQ (writing quotient) and getting better and better at writing!

Write to us for more information and to get started!

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